Monday, July 12, 2010

The App is back.

Well, with a little searching I found that Android 2.2 market does not like using secure install. No biggie for me, I don't care much if the app is securely installed or not.

I also put up a rapidshare just in case.

Color Timer Problems

As of right now the Android Market does not show my app in Android 2.2. They say they have already fixed this problem but they must not have gotten it right because I was able to see my app in the market in Android 2.1 but not Android 2.2. Hopefully if you have Color Timer already installed it will continue to work but you won't get my updates.

I'm working on getting the apk online so that I people can bypass the app store and download it manually.


Yes, lame for a developer to use a blogger account to host his website but i wanted something up quick.